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WTF 7 years ago
I could put my dick inside her and she'd not even notice
Horny Girl 7 years ago
I don't have anny dildos so i ram other random objects up my tight wet pussy
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Anal sex is like a box of chocolates. ITS FUCKIN WONDERFUL!!!! god I LOVE it up the ass!!!!!!!!!!
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Red Foreman would be proud
eddy 6 years ago
Aight so anyone watching this prolly doesn't care but I was jacking off to this shit and my mom opened my damn door , she was like "SORRY!" And ran out Bruh wtf that shit was so damn awkward. I'm low key gonna run away
Mom 7 years ago
Is that you?
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The assholes of these whores are so big and deep...They could take double fists or double feet...I want to see if they could take an elbow deep arm in their ass..Lol
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she could take a 747 in her ass
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606 She could take a six pack of dicks in her ass